School Admission:

Afifah School works with parents and pupils to make the application and transition phase as smooth as possible, whether that is to start or join primary/secondary schools.
All admissions are given in accordance with the school admission policy.  Admission forms are available in the school office from Monday to Friday 8.40am to 3pm or can be downloaded online:


Pre School: Download form

Primary and High School: Download form


Admission forms should be completed and submitted to the office, either in person or by post. Parents must also provide a copy of the pupils’ birth certificate or passport to establish the correct year group of the child, and a copy of their most recent academic report.

Non-British citizens need to provide relevant immigration documents.


Download Updated Fees Information – 2020/2021

Download Updated Fees Information – 2021-2022


Admission Fees: £150 (Non-refundable and payable upon confirmation of school place)

Deposit Fees: £250 (Needs to be paid on the first day of admission and will be paid back on the student’s last day, depending on if all the fees have been cleared)

Nursery Finances:

NEG 15/30 hours free (depending on eligibility for 2,3 and 4-year-olds).
Contact the school for enquiries on private fees.
Minimum sessions required are 9 hours.


The fees depend on the date of the child’s fifth birthday. It is expected that your child will claim the Nursery Education Grant (NEG), until the age of five.

The fees are therefore reduced to £550 per term if they receive NEG. When the NEG ends, their fees will be on the same level as below. You annual fee will be individually calculated and you can pay annually, termly or monthly. You will be responsible for the full annual fees.

Primary School Admission for Both Girls and Boys:

Admissions to Afifah Primary school are granted on the basis of Entrance Examination Results. Entrance exams are conducted in Maths and English (Reading and Writing). The passing mark is 40% and above. We also evaluate Attendance, Behaviour and Assessment from the previously attended school’s academic report.

(Year 1 – 6)

1st Child £3150
2nd Child £2850
3rd Child £2550


High School for Girls:

Admissions to Year 7 are granted on the basis of Entrance Examination Results. The age for admission is 11 +. Entrance exams are conducted in Maths and English (Reading and Writing) for students seeking admission to Year 7. The passing mark is 40% and above.
Admission to Year 8, 9 and 10 are based on Attendance, Behaviour and Assessment from the previously attended school’s academic report along with the entrance test.
New admissions are not admitted in Year 11 as Afifah cannot give a guarantee to such students about the continuation of their studies under the same exam board, specification or subject.

(Year 7 – 11)

1st Child £2875
2nd Child £2575
3rd Child £2275

Note: Discount is provided for children from the same parent once admission is confirmed. Admission fee is non-refundable.

Payment Options:

All school fees are payable in full or by instalments over the period of 10 months between September and June by direct debit or cash. If you suffer a downturn in your financial circumstances while your child is at school, please contact the office at the earliest opportunity: they will be sympathetic and may be able to help.


Every pupil at Afifah (Year 1-11) needs to pay for:

  • Annual School Fees
  • Admission Fees
  • External Examination Fees
  • Deposits against textbooks
  • Educational Trips
  • Uniform


Pupils entering their GCSEs will have to pay the examination fee for each subject entered.

The school occasionally recommend parents to purchase books that will be used throughout their daughter’s time at Afifah.

On occasions during the course of the year, classes may go out to various places of interest – some local; others further afield, to extend the work that is done in school.  Parents are asked to contribute towards this cost.

Financial assistance is provided to a limited number of deserving students who cannot afford to pay the fees in full.